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Project title

Portable broadband jamming device for radiocommunication signals based on a digital signal processing path and fast RF transceivers and FPGA unit

Number: POIR.01.01.01-00-0849/20

Project implementation period: 01.01.2022-30.11.2023
Project value: PLN 6,878,039.02
Funding value: PLN 3,866,612.93

Main goal of the project is development of a portable radio jammer device operating in a wide spectrum of telecommunications bands, using various jamming algorithms and advanced energy management methods. The project includes the design and creation of intellectual property blocks focusing on analysis and generation of jamming signals for implementation in FPGA devices with application of additional RF signal synchronization methods. As part of the project, it is planned to develop an algorithm for optimizing energy usage and prediction of working time, including, among others, energy losses in the transmission path, jamming on unused bands or with excessive power, and energy losses related to software operation.
The system will be managed using monitoring and control software consisting of two components: embedded software running on microcontrollers focusing on communication, analysis and data acquisition from modules of jamming device and management software running on a PC used for visualization of device parameters, analyzing its work and uploading the prepared jamming action profiles. It is also planned to design the jamming device housing focusing on optimal efficiency in the areas of environmental, mechanical, electromagnetic and thermal parameters.
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